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We believe everyone deserves to access Playing and Happiness. lists the best places in Hong Kong for children and adult, including playgrounds, restaurants, party rooms, yacht parties, and courses.

In addition, we strongly believe access to "Playing and Happiness" should not be restricted by personal social status or other factors, and therefore we lists a lot of free facilities. If you want to "Playing", go ahead, If you want to be "Happiness", go ahead. This is the philosophy of School-God. Let go of your worries from yesterday and start the journey of "Playing" and "Happiness" today!

Our platform has more than 157k members, and the details of each service are as follows:

  • Tutor and Course Platform

    We are the largest tutor platforms in Hong Kong, with more than 110k members.

  • Parent-child information platform

    We have more than 30k members and provide a parent-child information sharing platform.

  • Facebook Page

    The School God Facebook page has over 17k members and offers all kinds of cool stuff ideas.

  • IG Page

  • website

    According to Google statistics, this site has an average of more than 2k users every day to find or browse various Playground, Party room, parent-child restaurants, yacht Party and courses, the following is a 28-day screenshot of google statistics

  • Good Repuation

    We have earned recognition from our partners and clients.

Platform Ranking Algorithm

This platform will use the following criteria to rank and push items
  • Data integrity, the more data entered, the higher the ranking. for example, the item provide charges, minimum number of customer, spending per person, minimum pending amount, address.
  • Customer comments and customer ratings

  • The picture below shows the position of "write a comment"


Our platform has more than 157k members

  • The site over 2k daily visit, detail refer to About Us
  • Tutor Platform (over 110k members)
  • Parent-child platform (over 30k members)
  • FB (over 17k member)
  • IG
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