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Create Online Ticketing System


  • Your customer partial or full pay your sevices by credit card, apply pay or google pay. They will get the QR code. The customer show the QR code to you scan the QR code and confirm the order in mobile phone.

Why Ticketing System

  • it seems to be an 24-hours automation machine, helping you to receive orders anytime and anywhere. Using the technology is a key to succes now, your compeition is doing so now.
  • The automation process help you to increase operation efficiency and reduce human errors.
  • Create Marketing promotion code for Mon to Friday non-peak hours You can even create promotional package sales or monthly ticket.
  • prepayment of Customer reduces the chance of losing customer
  • You can place the online tickeing system to your web and , which is parent website and reach a large amount of your target customers

Suitable For

  • E.g Playroom,Partyroom,Event, Course, Educational institutions, farms, restaurants, services, etc.


  • Reseller - Well sell your tickets. You only pay the cost What we sold. You only have the position return without risk.. We will help you to construct the marketing event
  • Subscription - You only pay the fixed cost and enjoy full functions of the ticking system. The cost is around HK$50 monthly.

Limited Offer

    Free customize your online ticketing system

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