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Shenzhen Kunpeng Go Kart & Archery & Shooting & Ceramics Experience

Shenzhen Kunpeng Karting has adult and children's karts, suitable for the whole family to have fun together. There are professional coaches on site to guide you, and the lowest price is just $69 to play.

The indoor karting track is 200 meters long + 5 meters wide. The venue is spacious and the track is straight and curved, with staggered turns. The difficulty of the track is high or low, and it is extremely playable and experiential. The kart structure imitates an F1 racing car, and the chassis is stable and safe. , with flexible control and equipped with adult karts/children's karts. Professional coach guidance and safety guarantee ensure that novices can get started! A variety of entertainment options are available, such as go-karts, ceramics classes, shooting and archery, etc. It is a great place for parents and children to have fun and friends to relax!

[25% discount for Hong Kong and Macao residents] Children’s go-kart (HKD $79)

Children must be at least 3 years old to experience karting, and there is no height restriction

[Discount starting from 33% for Hong Kong and Macao residents] Adult Go-Kart (HKD $69)

Over 14 years old, no height restrictions.

[11% off for Hong Kong and Macao residents] Live-fire shooting training (HKD$ 69)

Must be 3 years old or above, no height limit

[Discount up to 21% off for Hong Kong and Macao residents] Ceramics class (including works) (HKD$ 105)

Must be 3 years old or above


Take Metro Line 12, get off at Exit C of Shangchuan Station, and walk for about 10 minutes to the sports center.

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Area: No info
Age: 3 to Adult
Spend: $50-100 (each time)*
Last Update: 31 Dec 2023
*Currency is HKD. Spending calculated per person per hour, or per use if facility paid each time.
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